Evenementenkalender 2023

kalender 2023

Datum: 16 April

Event: 1ste toerrit

Info: volgt

Datum: 18 – 21 Mei

Event: Hemelvaart weekend

Tekst: camping Dijk en Meer in Andijk

Datum: 11 Juni

Event: 2de toerrit

Tekst: volgt

Datum: 9 Juli

Event: 3de toerrit

Tekst: volgt

21-23 juli 2023

Ventureclub of Norway wishes you all welcome to our international meeting in Norway 21-23.07.2023

The meeting will take place in Vraadal (Vrådal) south in Norway.

Room rental is handled via Ventureclub of Norway, typical holiday appartements. Camping available around the building.

Driving distances:

From Oslo: 190km

From Larvik: 140km

From Kristiansand: 173km

The adress is:


​ 3853 Vrådal.​


GPS 59.32658528304248, 8.481831507411748.

(More information of booking, program etc will follow later this winter)

Datum: 25 – 27 Augustus

Event: Hotel weekend

Tekst: Landgasthof-Bikerhotel Arnold in Dodenau

Datum: 17 September

Event: 4de toerrit

Tekst: volgt

Datum: 15 Oktober

Event: 5de toerrit

Tekst: volgt