Yamaha Venture Club Netherlands: FIFTEEN YEARS (On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, July 2006)


There were already eight years Yamaha Ventures on the road, when in 1991 a few enthusiastic persons took an initiative to form a club for Venture-riders. Earlier attempts to do so did not work out. As a club we are thankful to the initiative-takers. Without a start there would not be a 15 year-anniversary! The existence of the club is only possible because of the members of the board and the commissions, who enthusiastic volunteered for the club. The pleasure of riding a Venture, the contacts with similar minded people, the information-flow on technics and to obtain parts are the most important reason to be a member of this club. The Venture is getting older and our dream of riding it will always be a boys dream in fulfilment, because of the slow import of the third generation.


The membership of our club is for quite a few ladies a challenge because of the comfortable duo seat. We are celebrating the 15-year anniversary with the organizing of an international meeting. Therefore the Yamaha Venture Club Nederland welcomes you. We hope you have lots of fun at this meeting. The organizing committee did try to make an appropriate program for you.




Wim Zeestraten, Chairman YVCN (2001 - 2008)











The Yamaha Venture Club Nederland fulfils the wish of the President. (On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, July 2001)

For the occasion of the first Anniversary, the former President has reproduced the history via a retrospect. With the last words in that article the former president wished that the YVCN is still as alive and sociable in 2001 as it was in 1996.

The members of the YVCN made this wish come true.

Every year it is a pleasure to determine that the number of members that unsubscribe for whatever reason will be exceeded by the amount of new members that sign on.

In 1992 the Yamaha Venture has been taken out of production for a few years, and that the new Venture doesn't appeal to everybody, the existence of the YVCN was never under pressure though.


The basis for the YVCN, as it was developed in the first 5 years, seems to be satisfactory. The only concern is number of volunteers for the activity committees. The YVCN is no different to other clubs in that respect. Our 5th Anniversary also was the start of an annual International Venture Meeting, as every year another Venture Club has a 5th or 10th Anniversary to celebrate.

Since 1996 there have been International Meeting in France: Sweden: Switzerland and Norway.

In Germany there is a Venture Club, which after a difficult start has really come off the ground. I'm sure we can look forward to an International Meeting there also, in the coming years.

The International Meeting have grown to one of the annual Main events for Yamaha Venture riders, resulting a many personal friendships.

It is therefore an honour for the YVCN to organise an International Meeting for the second time around, in the years that we also celebrate our 10th Anniversary.


Within every Club with a reasonable number of members things can happen that are not pleasant to everyone. With the YVCN this is no different. We, and I mean all members, have found a way to deal with these matters in a correct and careful manner.

Friendships and become even closer under these circumstances. Maintaining these friendship ties is one of the goals of the YVCN. Recently this has been indicated at the AGM that this means more to us than just being colleague Venture riders alone.


To be able to ascertain if we have given a correct application of policy to the wishes of our members, we have recently held a poll. The conclusion was that we are still heading in the right direction.

Talking about communication. The YVCN uses different means to reach its members. An example is our own Website. It has the advantage that the YVCN and a lot of information are within easy reach for everyone, regardless of location.


The past months the organisation of this event has been very busy to get everything organised in time. There is no lack of interest. If you see from which countries the participants come, one must say that The Netherlands is a popular place to be.

As big thank you to all the people who are involved in the organisation of this event, let's make it a great happening, of which all participant will have lasting, pleasant memories.

I'm convinced that we'll be celebrating our 15th Anniversary in 5 years. The YVCN is a club in which members treat each other with respect and in friendship and these are lasting things.


Dear members, congratulations with the 10th anniversary of the Yamaha Venture Club Nederland


Marius Derks, President (1997 - 2001).










Peter Bakker, our first President, records history, at the fifth anniversary of the Yamaha Venture Club Nederland in 1996: Perhaps not so well known, but the present YVCN is actually not the first Venture Club in the Netherlands.

In 1990 a few enthusiastic Venture riders were planning to set up a Yamaha Venture Club.

Via a few adds in the MOTO73 magazine, they published this idea and they organized a tour and a couple of meetings. This was very cool!!. I met the people who organised all this in June of 1991. There were great plans. However, for various reasons it just didn't get off the ground.

At our September 1991 meeting in Saasveld the Club should have been a fact... Alas...


One week later, somewhat disappointed, Jan and Fredy van der Does, Ron de Regt and Ada van Lamoen, Claudia and myself met on a rainy afternoon.

How was it possible that with so much enthusiasm in one years’ time there was still no Venture Club?

The six of us schemed a plan; we were going to make a real club, all official like. We decided not to wait for the others, no, we'd stage a coup!

It was risky, as we'd have to put up the money up front (in fees and legal costs), we didn't have any paying members (would we ever??).


One week later there we were at the notary office listing the statutes. Another week later, on October 25th 1991, the Yamaha Venture Club Nederland was a fact.


Now for getting members. We had in our possession a list of names of people who attended the earlier events of the other "club". Using our newly designed letterhead, we informed these people about the formation of the true and only YVCN, and asked them to join us.

They did, and we had a whole 25 members (14 Ventures) by January 1992!.

As newbie Members of the Board of the YVCN, we had set ourselves some very ambitious goals; to publish 6 editions of the Venture post ; to have 6 events (three Meetings and three Tours) each year; a Technical Meeting; a New year’s reception and of course the Annual General Members Meeting.

Furthermore we wanted to introduce ourselves to various companies and institutions (who might want to sponsor us in our efforts).

We wanted to attract new members. (Members introduce themselves now, by the way).

You'll understand that the 6 enthusiasts had enough on their plate, in our first year.

In the course of our existence, even though the Venture ceased to exist in late 1994, it has been a success story.

Membership numbers have increased with every year, a Tour commission was set up (what a relief in workload that was!) and later an Editorial office for the Venture post was installed. Also our sponsors were chipping in well.


And when you look at it now, in 1996! what a beautiful Club do we have!. We have about 160 members, we are well known as a pleasant and well organised club and last but not least, we have an enjoyable club, where the members are ready to help another (even outside club events).

That is worth a compliment to all."




As was quoted by Peter Bakker, our first President,

and now honorary Life Member of the Yamaha Venture Club Netherlands, at the Fifth Anniversary in 1996.



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